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The State Water Plan

St. Andrew is an Earth Care Congregation, committed to improving its relationship with nature and the quality of life of its inhabitants. This commitment involves Environmental Stewardship, responsibly using and protecting the environment, using an intergenerational approach to educate and empower all ages in creating a healthy, just, and sustainable community at the intersection of ecological and social justice. Kathy Poynor, Jim Garrett, and Steve Crane compose the St. Andrew Earth Care Task force. We would love to have additional members on the Task Force. Please contact any of the members to learn more.

Some American Indians teach the “7th generation” Principle that every personal, governmental or corporate decision considers how it will affect descendants seven generations into the future. This Principle provides a model for protecting and developing water sources in Texas.

In the five years following the 2011 Texas drought,16 regional water planning groups throughout the state worked to develop water plans that form the 2017 State Water Plan to ensure Texans can avoid a severe drought in the next 50 years. The State Water Plan provides addresses water needs that accompany the state’s population growth by identifying specific water management strategies and their associated projects and costs for communities across the state for now and the future.

The Plan notes that Texas faces significant water shortages over the next 50 years if steps are not taken to conserve and develop additional water supplies as rapid population growth is expected and water demands are projected to increase. During the 50-year outlook, Texas’ existing water supplies—those that can already be relied on in the event of drought—are expected to decline. Texas would need to provide additional water supplies to meet all of its demand for water in 2070.

A 73% population increase is anticipated in the next 50 years, with water demand projected to increase 17%, existing water supplies expected to decline 11%.

The 2017 State Water Plan strategies for 2070 include 45% surface water, 30% conservation and drought management, 14% reuse, 10% ground water, 1% seawater.

Strategy supplies in 2070, are based on conservation, drought management and reuse, surface water resources, and groundwater. Conservation is by far the most frequently recommended strategy found in all regional water plans. These steps are imperative for assuring water for seven generations into the future.

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St. Andrew is an Earth Care Congregation, committed to improving its relationship with nature and the quality of life of its inhabitants. This commitment involves attending to Environmental Stewardshi

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