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As a church, we believe God has called us to nurture, educate and love all youth through  fellowship, teaching, worship and by example. Whether through the loving care of our staff, congregation, or volunteers, our youth should experience gospel-centered teaching and worship.


We want our youth to be excited to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Through the power of the Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Our goal is to set a firm foundation in scripture and faith to equip our youth to grow fruitfully in our world.


Sunday School Opportunities:


Classes are offered for all levels from 9:00-10:00 Sunday mornings. Most of our curriculum is based on studies and books provided by the Presbyterian Church USA.  

Youth Group 

The youth from St. Andrew and First Presbyterian gather together for dinner, fellowship, games, and bible study.  We gather at the fall-out shelter at First Presbyterian.


Camps and Conferences:


Camp Gilmont in nearby Gilmer, Texas provides a variety of experiences for all ages. In the Fall and Spring, Youth Quake retreats are offered.  Summer is a time full of opportunities for different types of camps.  Please go to Camp Gilmont’s  link to see what is available for all youth.  Camp Gilmont


Outside of Camp Gilmont, there are more spiritual retreats and synods offered for youth.  Synod Youth Workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Senior High Youth Connection in Sherman, Texas, Mo-Ranch and Montreat are all conference centers available for growth for older children and youth.  Attached are the links for some of these retreat centers.


Montreat, North Carolina:

Mo-Ranch Conference Center, near Kerrville, Texas:

Synod Youth Workshop:  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Senior High Youth Connection:  Sherman, Texas

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