• Joe Garms

Texas Water Quality

The current administration’s actions to loosen clean water rules have increased concern about water quality and contamination impact on public health.

This concern results, in part, from hurricane flooding which causes overflow from coal pits, water treatment plants, septic systems, and runoff from cattle and pig feed lots, poultry facilities and the impact of increasing numbers of feral pigs on water sources.

Citizens also worry that flooding can spread pathogens like cholera and typhoid, hazardous runoff from petrochemical refineries, and carcinogens, and the growth of E. coli in the environment. Rural communities are concerned about water quality in their wells.

The quality of East Texas water is monitored in conjunction with the Sabine River Authority, the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The Water Supply and Purification Division observes, samples and analyzes water quality of the Sabine River and Hawkins Creek, Lake O’ the Pines, and Lake Cherokee, protecting the source water and watershed.

The City of Longview currently treats and delivers water from the Sabine River, Lake Cherokee and Lake O' the Pines.

Interested citizens can participate in monitoring water quality through volunteer opportunities, such as the Texas Stream Team Paddlers, and by removing fishing residue from streams and lakes.

Volunteers can work as Biomonitors, assessing the health of a lake, river, stream, based on the habitat and the aquatic insects that live there.

Committing to quality water is an important public health issue for all of us if we want to assure our descendants have enough quality water necessary to survive.

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