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A love of Christ, A heart for community has become the motto for St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. All though we are small in number, we are large in heart. If there is one thing that binds us together through Christ it is our desire to have an impact on the community in which we live.  We have a huge heritage of beginning and supporting new and old programs in Longview. We continue to seek opportunities for our children, youth and adults to find ways to connect and serve. 

youth ministry

The YMG, (Youth Ministry Group) shelters, nurtures and provides for the spiritual fellowship of the youth of God. We provide coordination, planning and carrying out all aspects of the Christian education and fellowship for youth 6th-12th grade.

adult ministry

The Adult/Andrew Club, (AA) recognizes part of our strength lies in our strong beliefs and ability to articulate our faith to others to preserve the truth. AA is responsible for, plans and coordinates adult education, fellowship and evangelism.

Volunteer Groups

Whether through helping the homeless, feeding the poor or reaching a need in our community through the Literacy Council, St. Andrew has a rich heritage of volunteering and connecting with the city as well as with the Presbytery.

Children's ministry

The CMG, (Children's Ministry Group) shelters, nurtures and provides spiritual fellowship of the children of God. We provide Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, programs, fellowship and other opportunities to learn and grow in our faith.

bible study

We constantly evolve from year to year to reach the needs of our congregation.  

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