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The Nominating Committee is seeking individuals who feel called to serve the Lord through the church as an office or by someone who is recommending a candidate for consideration. To nominate yourself or someone you feel is called to the position, please fill out the nomination form.

Some St. Andrew understandings:


In its faith, this congregation seeks to capture God’s timeless truths, justice, and righteousness.  The foundation stone of that faith is Jesus Chris, who alone is Head of the Church, and of this congregation.  All that this congregation seeks to do is in the name of Jesus Christ and is subject to the authority of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, as we know him through Scripture.


This congregation affirms the concept of “The Church reformed, always reforming” as a testimony to the durability and stability of faith, and a declaration to the openness to heed God’s call to continue to reform.


This congregation respects differences of opinions.  We hold that the early historic principles still apply:  that church members “of good character and principles may differ,” and encourages members “to exercise mutual forbearance toward each other.”  In this way we seek to affirm diversity, openness, inclusiveness, and full participation, as we affirm God’s gift to us.


In its life and work, this congregation will hold fast to the Six Great Ends of the Church that give expression to its mission:

  • Proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind

  • Shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God

  • Maintenance of divine worship

  • Preservation of truth

  • Promotion of social righteousness

  • Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world


Ministry Groups of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church


In an effort to minister to all of our members, each one is a assigned to a Ministry Group.  Although not all are active, nor need to be, the session member who is the leader can maintain communication and nurture participants through prayer, phone calls, e-mail or visits.  The groups are structured to keep the church vibrant and alive with a continuous focus on the spiritual growth of each person. Below are brief descriptions of each group.


Adult Andrew 

Responsible for plans and coordinates adult education, fellowship, and evangelism.  The committee budgets for materials, provides resources, and recruits leadership.


Budget and Finance

Administers the church’s financial policies and procedures in accordance with approved accounting procedures and in compliance with the Book of Order.  God calls believers today to be disciplined and generous in giving support to the ministries of the church.


Building and Grounds

Oversees the maintenance and improvement of the church facilities, grounds, vehicles, and equipment necessary to accomplish the mission of the church.  B&G ensures we have adequate insurance coverage of same.  The committee also contracts with outside companies to maintain the facility, vehicles, equipment and grounds.  Recognizing we all have special gifts and ministries, B&G also provides opportunities for members to help on All_Church Workdays and special projects.



Shelters, nurtures, and provides for the spiritual fellowship of the children of God.  CMG is responsible for the coordination, planning and carrying out all aspects of our children’s Christian education and fellowship for age’s birth through 5th grade.  This group is also responsible for ensuring that the Angel’s Academy is maintained under the direction of the PDO Advisory Board.  The CMG will recommend two-year term members to serve on the Advisory Board.  The moderator of the advisory board shall be a church member approved by Session.  The CMG Moderator shall review minutes and financials reports from each Advisory Board meeting.


Information and Technology

Oversees the maintenance and improvement of the church’s website, computers, sound system, T.V.’s,printers, and any new technology advances or updates as needed.  Also responsible for advertising and how St. Andrew is working to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Longview, Texas and the rest of the world.


Worship and Music

Responsible for the participation and planning of regular and special worship services to maintain Divine Worship and proclaim the Gospel for the salvation of humankind.



Shelters, nurtures and provides for the spiritual fellowship of the children of God. YMG is responsible for the coordination, planning and carrying out all aspects of the Christian education and fellowship for youth 6th-12th grade.

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