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The Art at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church


We have been blessed to have former members who have given back through their talents to the church in numerous ways. Through visual paintings, altar cloths, music, and poetry, St. Andrew has experienced a collection of rich heritage that can be experienced by members and visitors.


Former member Shirley Hughes Blackman developed a series that was conceived for St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in 1974.  The religious subject is handled in both a symbolic style and decorative manner.


The number of panels was decided by the spacing available in the church.  Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Pentecost were planned for the sanctuary and Hope, depicting Christ as the fulfillment of the Old Testament, was planned for the entrance foyer.  When the sanctuary was remodeled in 1983, the painting Resurrection was moved to the foyer.


The paintings are so closely related that the canvases were placed in her studio in the sequence that they were to ultimately hang, and were developed simultaneously.


The basic color of each canvas was chosen from liturgical colors. Gold is frequently used for symbols of the faith on hangings.  Green is used during that part of the church year that concerns the life of the church, so it is appropriate symbolism for the earthly life of Christ.  Violet is used in the two seasons of preparation.  Advent and Lent.  Here the somber preparation of Lent is used as the color for the crucifixion.  White is used at the two most joyous festivals of the church, Christmas and Easter.  The glory of the resurrection is on the white and empty cross.  Red is the color for Pentecost and so is used for the gift of the Spirit and the beginning of the Church.


In conjunction with her painting, she designed and made altar cloths to use during the different liturgical seasons.


As a response to the St. Andrew Series, Rev. William K. Hedrick, former minister wrote six poems to go with each painting.  The poems have been engraved on plaques and are displayed next to the painting.


Judge William Martin, now deceased, resided in Longview all of his life.  Through prayer, meditation and healing, he carved the wooden cross that hangs at the front of the sanctuary.


James Sanders of Marshall, Texas is a potter who was commissioned to make our chalices, plates and pitchers which are used during our early worship service.  In addition, he was commissioned to create our baptismal bowl and pitcher which is used every Sunday as a symbol of our baptism in Christ.

Memorial Wall

A Memorial plaque for the Memorial Wall may be purchased for members and non-members who actively attended Saint Andrew. The plaques will be ordered by the church after payment has been received. Payment may be in the form of a memorial gift. The price of the plaques should be set to cover the cost of the plaques and the installation. Plaques should be uniform in size, design, font, and font size. Information on the plaques will be limited to name, date of birth, and date of death. Cremated remains may be scattered in the Memorial Garden area with prior approval of the Session.

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